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Development of education at the Language Centre

Language Centre feedback system

Feedback is collected comprehensively from all Language Centre courses. The course feedback entails participating students also reflecting on their learning and the attainment of their goals.

The feedback collected is also used to develop instruction. The instructors prepare compilations of the feedback, and the development proposals presented by students are processed in language groups and forwarded to the groups covering the paths of the communication and language studies of degree programmes and to the Language Centre’s OPS group for further use.

In addition to student feedback, the Language Centre as a service unit receives feedback on the arrangement of communication and language studies. This feedback is used for curriculum design as well as planning and assessment. For example, communication and language studies included in degrees are negotiated with each faculty in conjunction with curriculum design.

The Language Centre also regularly meets with representatives of the Student Union and has worked with them to prepare a survey regarding communication and language studies, for example. The results of this questionnaire have been analysed together with representatives of the Student Union, and they have been conveyed to Language Centre instructors for further measures.

More information on the feedback system can be found in the unit’s operations manual.

Joint student surveys aimed at second, third and fifth year students are arranged annually at the university. The Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey (Kandipalaute) covers all those who have completed a bachelor’s degree. The results are utilised especially in academic counselling. Employment and career follow-ups are also arranged on a regular basis.

In addition, statistical data from the university’s information systems is also regarded as feedback. The statistics have been compiled in the management information system on the university’s Intranet.

The functionality of the feedback system comes in the context of curriculum design and instructors’ performance reviews. The director of the Language Centre holds an annual performance review with each instructor. Among the topics covered is the feedback received by the instructor and the specific language group, and the measures or plans this feedback has caused.

Language Centre’s curriculum design

The Language Centre’s curriculum design is steered by the unit’s pedagogic basis, according to which communication and language studies consist of competence areas related to language learning, language, general communications and expert communications. Language Centre instructors prepare the communication and language studies curriculum for a specific period for each language specifically and/or on a faculty- and/or degree-specific basis in cooperation with each faculty’s staff and students. The curriculum design is conducted in language-, faculty- and/or degree-specific groups in order to ensure that the students’ path of language studies is made up of the requisite language courses that support the common goals. The interaction with faculties ensures that the  faculties’ knowledge of research in the field as well as related communications and working life needs are integrated into the curriculum design process.

Within the Language Centre, the curriculum design efforts are coordinated by the Tampere3/curriculum working group. Among other things, it collects the course descriptions prepared by the groups and provides relevant feedback. The curriculum design process also utilises the Language Centre Advisory Board, which includes a representative of each faculty as well as student representatives from the University of Tampere Student Union. The curriculum design working group also includes the Language Centre’s language studies coordinator, who prepares all study-related matters on which a director’s decision is required.

The director of the Language Centre approves the unit’s curriculum and proposes its approval to the administrative boards of the faculties. Approved curricula are published online.