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Doctoral Students

It is possible to incorporate studies and research periods abroad in your doctoral studies. The international periods will strengthen your professional competence, yield useful contacts and provide new perspectives to research. If you are interested in studies or research abroad during your doctoral studies, discuss the suitable options with your supervisor.

The Internationalisation page provides information and links regarding exchange programmes and grants for studies and research at foreign universities.

You can also “internationalise” yourself at your home university by, for example, participating in courses held in foreign languages, guest lectures or international summer schools or intensive courses arranged by faculties/doctoral schools.

Funding for participating in international conferences can be applied for with your own faculty, doctoral programme or the Tampere University Foundation. Some foundations and associations also grant funding for international conference trips.

Contact person: Laura Lalu

Cotutelle: doctoral degree through international cooperation between universities

Cotutelle is an agreement between a Finnish university and a foreign university on the joint supervision of the studies and research encompassed by a single doctoral student’s degree. The precondition for the agreement is that the student has a right to doctoral studies at both universities. The student will receive a degree and degree certificate from both universities.

The responsible supervisor must contact the Faculty administration immediately when planning for such cooperation is initiated. The Cotutelle agreement is primarily drawn up using the shared agreement template of Tampere University, which will be modified as necessary.

Teaching Council Policy Guideline: International joint degree programmes and joint supervision arrangements at the University of Tampere