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After Graduation

This page contains information on what happens to your university services after you graduate. These instructions are for all graduates of bachelor's, master's, medical, licentiate and doctoral degrees.

Registration and Degree Certificates

The date on your degree certificate will be your final day of being registered as a student at the University. The following day you are no longer a student of the University of Tampere. After graduation, you can still request the following documents from the Registrar's Office:

  • Transcripts of Records
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Certified copies of your degree certificate

Student Union Membership and Student Card

Although you are no longer registered at the University after you have been issued your degree certificate, you still remain a member of Tamy, the Student Union. The length of time you will remain a member of Tamy depends on the membership fee you paid. If you graduate in September and have paid the membership fee for the whole academic year, you will retain your membership until the end of the academic year (i.e. until the end of the following summer). You can therefore continue to make use of all the student benefits until your membership expires.

If you have paid the Student Union membership fee for the whole academic year but graduate during the autumn semester, you can request the spring semester fee to be refunded. You can request a refund until the end of your graduation year (i.e. the calendar year) and during the first days of January. Tamy decides whether a refund will be given or not. If you are refunded, you will no longer be entitled to student benefits during the spring semester. In such cases, the sticker for the whole academic year will be removed from your student card and replaced with a sticker for the autumn semester only. Forms for applying for this refund are available from the Registrar’s Office.

Your student card is yours to keep even after you graduate. Nevertheless, you can only enjoy student benefits until the most recent sticker on your card expires.

IT Services

On graduation, the student's right to use the IT services of the University expires.

Consequently, the possibility to use e.g. University email services and the computer labs end. The home pages in the student's home directory cease to appear on the internet. Programs with the University user license must be uninstalled from the personal computer.

Please note that your user account will expire 7 days after your right to study has ended.

Please see the page Services for graduating students on IT Helpdesk page.


Tampere University Library services are available to you even after graduation. You can still use your library card/student card as your library card. Please remember to inform the Library if there are changes to your contact information. The remote access of e-resources is available as long as your basic user account is valid. You can also use e-resources on the Library premises.

Further information on the Library services is available on the University Library website and see also the Library's subject guides.

Student Financial Aid

If you are entitled to Finnish student financial aid, it is important to check beforehand how graduation affects your aid. Please consult KELA for further information.

Extending Residence Permit

After graduation, persons who need a residence permit in Finland have the right to apply for a residence permit extension for 12 months in order to find employment. Please see the Finnish Immigration Service pages for more information.

Doctoral Studies

If you are interested in postgraduate (doctoral) studies, please see the University of Tampere Doctoral School website.

Moving on to Working Life

Information for graduates is produced by University Career Services. Please see the Working Life section for useful links and further information.

The UNIPOLI Tampere website also includes information on working in Finland and job seeking.