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Principles of Study Planning

HOPS - the personal study plan - is a tool for planning your studies and developing your expertise, as well as a process that lasts for the entire duration of your studies. In other words, HOPS consists of your own planning efforts in relation to your studies and learning over the course of your time at the University. In addition to this, HOPS is a tool for developing your academic expertise and building the skills to identify and describe it. As a student, you are ultimately responsible for furthering your personal HOPS process.

The written study plan is an integral part of the HOPS process. In accordance with the University of Tampere Regulations on Degrees, all students must, as part of their studies, prepare a feasible written plan on how they intend to complete their degree. More information on preparing a study plan can be found in the Study Guide sections Starting your studies and During your studies.

The HOPS process provides you with the opportunity to examine the development of your own learning, competence and expertise, along with your goals and career plans. It is a good idea to take the time to consider these questions regularly to enable you to base your choices on the resulting conclusions. It is advisable to take advantage of any opportunities to gain support for these considerations by, for example:

  • participating in HOPS guidance and utilising any other instructive support you may need;

  • learning about options to engage in elective studies;

  • taking part in employment days and events based on your interests;

  • familiarising yourself with self-study materials.

All students (with the exception of medical students) have an appointed HOPS teacher, who can provide support for study planning and updating plans. If necessary, your HOPS teacher can direct you to other guidance services that may be of use. HOPS guidance practices vary from faculty to faculty.

Doctoral students’ supervisors support them in planning their career after their studies and dissertation. More information on the Written study and supervision plan for doctoral students (in Finnish) is available in the During your studies section.