This site is no longer being updated. Please visit at the Tampere University's new Student's Guide.

Updating Personal Data in the Student Register

The students' contact information is stored in the University of Tampere student register. The information is entered into the student register on the student's first registration to the University. A student can update his/her contact information stored in the University of Tampere student register on the Student's Desktop or by visiting the Student Affairs Office.

On Student's Desktop, it is possible for all students of the University of Tampere enrolled as present to update information on their

  •     address,
  •     phone number and
  •     municipality of residence.

Any other information, including surnames, can only be updated by visiting the Student Affairs Office. To be able to change one's name in the student register, one must show an official document which indicates the change of name (for example a passport).

It is also possible to give or deny permission to surrender contact information for study related direct marketing on Student's Desktop (see also How is students' contact information used?).

How to Update Your Personal Data in Student's Desktop ?

To update your contact information, sign in to Student's Desktop and open the section Personal Data in the top right corner under your own name. On the screen, you will see your data currently stored in the student register including information on addresses, enrolment and rights to study.

To update your information, choose Change contact information. Remember to submit the updated information and sign out when you have made the necessary updates.

How Is Students’ Contact Information Used?

The contact information of a student is used for all mail sent to the student by the University. For instance, once a year enrolment instructions for the next academic year are sent to all students.

If a student has given permission to surrender information on addresses on his/her first registration to the University, his/her contact information can be used for study related direct marketing and opinion polls but not for any unrelated direct marketing. It is possible for the student to forbid the surrender of his/her contact information by choosing the option No under Permission to Surrender Information on Addresses in the Personal Data section of Student's Desktop.