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Student Union of the University of Tampere (Tamy)

Student Union of the University of Tampere or Tamy is a supervisor of interests and service provider for all students of the University of Tampere. Its members include all students completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the university. Membership is voluntary for postgraduate students. There are about 11,000 Tamy members in all cities where the University of Tampere organises education – i.e. Tampere, Pori and Seinäjoki.

All Student Union members/students are equally entitled to take part in its activities. By taking part, you can influence the focuses of the Student Union and the matters it chooses to promote. The most common path of becoming involved is through student associations and other university organisations, such as representative groups. Tamy encompasses the operations of close to 80 student, faculty and hobby associations, which serve to create a sense of community and organise events for students.

According to the Universities Act, a student union’s task is to liaise with and on behalf of its members and promote their societal, social and intellectual aspirations. In practice, this means that Tamy has three roles:

1. Supervisor of interests

Tamy supervises the interests of its members particularly within the University of Tampere and the City of Tampere, but also society at large. Broadly speaking, supervision of interests refers to influencing issues pertaining to education, teaching, housing, livelihood, healthcare, equality and well-being. The supervision of students’ interests also takes international students into account and supports the internationalisation of Finnish students.

However, Tamy does not conduct these tasks on its own. Student representatives appointed by associations and the Student Union ensure that the students’ voice is heard at every level of decision-making in university administration. On a national level, the interests of students are supervised by the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), of which Tamy is a member. The student unions have jointly and separately negotiated the effective aid schemes and benefits to support students.

2. Service provider

Tamy offers a wealth of services to its members and the approximately 80 associations operating under it. These services include the student newsletter Aviisi, YTHS health care, events, activities, loaned items and much more. In addition to this, as a Tamy member you will receive the student card and gain access to the student discounts it offers. The Student Union provides confidential guidance to students in all questions and issues related to studies, livelihood or harassment incidents, for example. More information on the services can be found at

In addition to the Board of the Student Union, a host of experts work at the Tamy office. They are professionals in their fields who provide guidance in a variety of areas and conduct a great deal of background work to ensure the comprehensive well-being of students – now and in the future. You can contact the Tamy experts at any time. The job descriptions and contact information for all Tamy employees and Board members can be found at

3. Social contributor

Tamy aspires to create a better tomorrow for students by influencing matters such as student financial aid, health care and free education. In addition to this, it provides its members with plenty of opportunities to take part in social discussion, engage

in international activities and take a public stance on social issues such as development cooperation, equality and environmental issues. Tamy is an active participant in the cooperation body established for student unions of institutions of higher education in Tampere to take part in municipal policy. Through these efforts it strives to make the city an even better place for students.

Contact information

Student Union of the University of Tampere Tamy, Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 2nd floor

Service office open 9 am–11 am and 12 noon–4 pm (May–July 8 am–11 am and 12 noon–2 pm)

Tel. +358 (0)44 3610 210