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Course Enrolment

This page is for everyone who pursue studies at the University of Tampere.

On this page:

General information

  • Only students who are enrolled as present at the University of Tampere and who have a University of Tampere Basic User Account can enrol on courses in NettiOpsu. Students enrolled as absent may not enrol on courses. Please see instructions on registration.
  • The method of enrolment in each course is described in the Teaching schedule. If the enrolment is through NettiOpsu, you can enrol via the Teaching schedule or NettiOpsu during the enrolment time.
  • Students in the Open University enrol on the courses in their own system. Please see the instructions on the Open University Admissions pages.

Course enrolment step by step via the Teaching Schedule

  1. Go to Teaching schedule and start by searching for the course you want. At enrolment, please press the button that says “Enrol in NettiOpsu”.
  2. Sign in to NettiOpsu by using your Basic User Account.
  3. Please check once more that you are about to enrol in the right course or group and continue by pressing the “Enrolment” button.
  4. You will end up on a page that says “Your enrolment has been registered”. The final list of accepted participants will be published in the way described in the Teaching schedule.

Course enrolment step by step in NettiOpsu

Please note that NettiOpsu only shows those Faculties that organise courses whose enrolment time is still ongoing or whose enrolment period is about to start soon. As a general rule, course titles appear in the course lists in the language in which they are taught.

  1. Sign in to NettiOpsu using your Basic User Account.

  2. Under Courses in NettiOpsu, choose the Faculty which arranges the course.

  3. In the course list, choose the course you wish to enrol on by clicking on the link next to the course title.
    Please note that only courses on which it is possible to enrol in NettiOpsu will be visible!

  4. Choose the group you wish to enrol on by clicking on the link To Enrolment. The link will appear in NettiOpsu one day before the start of the enrolment period. If there is no link on the page, the enrolment period has not started yet or it has already ended. The enrolment period is visible on this page in NettiOpsu.

    Information on enrolment periods of specific courses can also be found in the Teaching Schedules.

  5. Confirm the selected group by ticking it and press Continue.

  6. Check that the course information is correct and complete your enrolment by pressing the Enrol button. Once the enrolment is succesfully submitted, you will see a notice "Your enrolment has been registered."

Checking and cancelling course enrolments

Valid course enrolments can be viewed in Enrolments under Courses in NettiOpsu.

It is possible to cancel valid course enrolments in NettiOpsu during the enrolment time. To cancel an enrolment, choose the enrolment you wish to cancel in Enrolments under Courses and press the Cancel Course Enrolment button.

Always remember to inform the teacher by email in case you will not participate on the course you have been selected on! If you cannot participate in the course and do not cancel your enrolment, or if you discontinue the course, you will be assigned a fail grade for the course in question.

Criteria for course selection

The basis for selection is specified in the teaching schedule. On some courses, students are selected in the order in which they enrol. It is also possible that selections are made based on the number of credits students have taken prior to the course. In this case, it is the amount of credits in the student register at the time when the selection is made which matters; the time of the enrolment is not taken into account.

Exchange/visiting students can choose course units from different faculties according to their own interests, provided that they meet the course unit requirements (for example previous or equivalent courses taken, knowledge of the language of instruction) and that there are still places left. For some course units the attendance of exchange and visiting students is restricted.

Selection results

You will receive notification about selection results in Student's Desktop after the enrolment time has expired and the participants have been selected. In the Student's Desktop you can subscribe to an email alert about these notifications.

N.B. Students in Master's programmes should always contact the teacher of the course when enrolling! This is because credits from previous studies in other universities are not included in the student register.