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Study Planning and Guidance

The aim of study counselling and guidance is to support students in developing methodical study habits and strengthening their expertise.

The key tool used for study guidance is the curriculum, which can be found in the curriculum guide. Guidance is intended for bachelor's, master's and doctoral students as well as international students and Open University students.

Teachers are responsible for guidance relating to learning objectives, study practices, and assessment.

All students (with the exception of medical students) have a named HOPS teacher, who can provide support with personal study planning.

Doctoral students’ supervisors support them in planning their career after their studies and dissertation.

Counselling and guidance related to matters other than learning is the responsibility of the faculty’s study services (heads of study affairs, study coordinators and study secretaries). Faculty study services can help with matters such as the following:

If you are unsure who to turn to, contact the study services staff for your degree programme.

Joint study counselling and guidance services complement degree programme and faculty study counselling and guidance, and are located in the Main Building.