Looking for a Job

Internship and Employment Offers

Vacancies are advertised on many different websites. On the University of Tampere Workit.netti you will find internship and job offers, as well as cooperation opportunities with employers for theses and projects.

Preparations for seeking employment

Job hunting relies on identifying your own strengths and competence.

Focus on communicating your competence

When looking for a job, an application and CV are the most common means for highlighting one’s competence. A well-thought-out CV and targeted application will also form a strong foundation for communicating your competence in job-seeking through other channels.

  • Guide to job-seeking 

    • Contains a variety of application and CV templates to prepare for interviews, among other materials.

”Hidden jobs” are positions that are not publicly advertised

There are many ways to come across information or tips on hidden jobs, and they can be applied for by approaching the employer without an actual job listing.

Starting a job 

When you get a job, make sure that basic rules are agreed upon in the appropriate manner in the employment contract (työsopimus).


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