Orientation to University Studies

To make the start of your studies as smooth and pleasant as possible, the University offers an Orientation Course for new exchange and degree students. The Orientation Course deals with all practical matters, so it is important that you attend.


International degree, exchange and visiting students

All the orientation courses and events mentioned on this page are free of charge.

Orientation Course / Welcome Week, spring 2019

January 2019 (Spring semester 2019) Orientation Course for new international students: 2 - 5 January 2019.
Orientation Course / Welcome Week programme, spring 2019
Orientation Course programme (pdf)
The spring semester starts on Monday (7 January 2019).

hello New spring semester student! Make sure you come to the two-hour Ice Breaker Party on Thursday and a free bus tour around the city on Saturday. See you!

Compulsory for all international exchange students.

A three-day Orientation Course (Welcome Week) is offered jointly for all international students (exchange and visiting) at the beginning of the spring semester 2019. This course is compulsory for all exchange students. The official arrival day is Wednesday, 2 January 2019 - but there will be no official programme on the arrival day yet as it is a busy day picking up your registration form from the university, completing your university registration and picking up your TOAS apartment keys etc.

On the second day of the Orientation Course (Thursday), a presentation called ‘First things first' will be held and your presence is required as this presentation contains important information on different kinds of forms, registration to the university, student card, local registration, banking services, how to activate your user account and computer labs.

During the Orientation Course, you will also receive information on the higher education system in Finland, studying in the new Tampere University, student counselling, the Student Union and Local Register Office. In addition, programme-specific orientations are offered by the faculties. You will get more information on them during the Orientation Course.

Thursday (3 January, 2019) will be the last day to pick up your registration papers. The compulsory local registration can be done on Friday, for more information please see below the Additional information.

We know that starting university can be a daunting experience and a big adjustment, especially when it involves moving to another country. But be assured that there are plenty of other students in the same position as you are. Join us for the Ice Breaker Party where you can meet other exchange students and international tutors. The two-hour Ice Breaker Party will be organised on Thursday (3 January, 2019) in the main building. Prepare yourself for some soft skills training and live comedy, the party is hosted by Trent Pancy (YesFinland).

In order to get credits (2 ECTS) for this Orientation Course, a full attendance is required.

If you plan to arrive already in December, please note that most of the TOAS apartments will be available starting from 2 January only, a very busy day to pick up your keys from the TOAS office. If you need a budget accomodation option within a walking distance from the railway station and the Tampere University Central Campus, please see: Temporary Accomodation.

 Programme (Wed 9:30-15:00, Thu 9:30-15:00 + party 15:30-17:30, Fri 10:00-15:00, Sat 12:00-14:00)
 Wednesday, 2 January  Registration
 Thursday, 3 January  Studying at Tampere University + Ice Breaker Party
 Friday, 4 January  Student Services + Welcome Fair / Local registration
 Saturday, 5 January  Tampere City Bus Tour (pre-registration is required)


Additional information / FAQ:

  • The Student Union of Tampere University (TREY) membership fee can be paid with debit or credit card in the TREY's office starting from Thursday, 3 January. Cash payments are not accepted. Opening hours for membeship fee payments: 3 January (12:00-16:00), 4 January (12:00-16:00) and 7 January (12:00-16:00).

    How to order the student card online? Check: www.trey.fi.
  • The compulsory local registration and notification of your temporary address in Finland can be done at the university on Friday only (4 January, 13:00-15:00). Please fill in the form (Request for registration of personal data in the Population Information System), but do not sign. Beside the form you have to bring with you the following originals and copies: your passport, your residence permit card (if you have one) and your Student Certificate (you will receive it after your registration to the university). For more information, please see: Registration of a foreigner (Local Register Offices).
  • Course enrolment in January and why the enrolment period for some courses ends already in December? Due to university merge process and technical challenges surrounding our systems, course enrolment will be done mostly manually (by email) during the Orientation Course and the week number 2. More information will be given during the Orientation Course and Electronic Study Skills trainings (see below). For more information on course enrolment and study practices, please see: Taking Studies.
  • Electronic Study Skills training and Q & A on course enrolment and electronic services will be held on Friday (4 January, 14:00-15:00) and Monday (7 January, 12:00-13:00). On Monday we will have representatives from faculties helping you with course enrolment and giving more information on courses offered in English in spring semester 2019.
  • Library orientation tours for new students will be organised right after the Orientation Course (7 January, 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00; 8 January, 12:00-14:00). Library orientation takes 1,5 hours and includes a tour of the new Tampere University Library and introduction to using library’s search portal and other e-resources. Sign up at the International Office’s info desk during the Orientation Course. For more information, please see: Tampere University Library and Towards the new library 2019.
  • Information for international exchange students wishing to take courses in English Language, Literature and Translation. Courses are open mainly to those who are majoring in English in their home university and have the necessary level of proficiency in English. Students from other disciplines may be admitted only if they are proficient in English and if there is room to accommodate them. Exchange students accepted to degree programmes other than the English degree programme will be limited to 10 ECTS worth of studies in the English degree programme. To take any courses (with a few exceptions) offered by the Degree Programme in English Language, Literature and Translation, exchange students must first show the necessary level of proficiency in English by taking a proficiency evaluation test. In the spring semester 2019, the test was held on Thursday 3 January 15:00-17:00 in Pinni B4113. For more information, please see: Can I attend courses in English Language, Literature and Translation? If you were not able to attend the test, please contact Hanna Parviainen.
  • ESN FINT will present their activities & trips and give out free prepaid SIM cards on Thursday in the A1 lobby 12:00-15:30 and on Friday 9:30-14:30.
  • The Student Union of Tampere University (TREY), Demola, Y-KampusESN FINT and OPTRE will present their services on Friday (4 January) during the Welcome Fair, 13:15-14:15.


Orientation Course materials and presentations:

Doctoral students

The University of Tampere Doctoral School arranges an orientation day for doctoral students and researchers each year. More specific information and the schedule are provided in the curriculum. The event is not mandatory, but it is recommended for all new doctoral students.

The doctoral programmes may also organise their own orientation events. Information on these will be sent to your university e-mail address.

New doctoral students may of course join also the Orientation Course given each term. See more info above under International degree, exchange and visiting students.

Open University students

Getting a smooth start to your open university studies.

  • Becoming a student: If you are only just applying to study at the open university, please see the instructions on the Admissions pages.
  • After registration, you will receive a study information letter from the open university.
  • Some study programmes organise initial info events for new students. You will also receive information on matters related to your studies via the study information letter, e-mail messages and Moodle messages. We will not send a separate invitation to the courses!
  • Education: what, where, when? The curricula on the course selection pages provide information on the education (lectures, exercises, etc.) and literature included in your studies. For example, lecture and exam halls may change, so check the latest information in the course selection page section on your studies.
  • Prepare a personal study plan: Getting started with your studies requires a systematic approach. Read about the content and schedules of your studies and the requisite fees on the course selection pages. Also familiarise yourself with the exam practices. Support for preparing your study plan can be found on the study planning page (Page in course of preparation).
  • The necessary exam books are provided by the library, so obtain a library card for the Tampere University Library. The library offers a wide range of electronic services and materials. More information.
  • Studies at the open university are part-time, which means that students are not entitled to state-provided student financial aid or discounts on meals or travel tickets. Open University studies are mainly targeted for those already living in Finland. It is not possible to get a long-term student residence permit to Finland based on Open University courses.
  • Support for studies: Our Study Services will help you with practical questions. You can set up a personal study guidance appointment with your study coordinator/planner – information can be found on the course selection page.

Cross-institutional, JOO and UNIPOLI students

Follow the instructions you have been provided and get started with your studies. If necessary, contact the appropriate persons for advice.

More information on JOO studies and cross-institutional studies.

The instructions for UNIPOLI students can be found on the UNIPOLI website.

Study instructions and the practices observed at the University of Tampere can be found in the “During studies” section.

Other students

Alumni students as well as students participating in continuing studies and academic modules. Follow the instructions you have been provided and get started with your studies. If necessary, contact the appropriate persons for advice.

Study instructions and the practices observed at the University of Tampere can be found in the “During studies” section.