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How to Get Started with Your Studies?

Welcome to your new university!

There are a few things you will need to take care of when you have arrived at Tampere University (city centre and Kauppi campuses).

First, check below the information on Tampere University registration and starting your studies according to your student status. Secondly, at the bottom of the page there is Further Information with plenty of practical instructions.

Please note, this page is partly outdated and is for 2018-19 students only.

International Degree and Exchange Students

International Student Tutors

Registration Dates for new Degree and Exchange Students

The registration of new degree and exchange students takes place in the Student Affairs Office in the Main Building during the registration period. Opening hours and contact information of the Student Affairs Office.

Degree students

  • according to Letter of Acceptance

Exchange students

Registration of New Degree, Exchange and Visiting Students Step by Step

  1. Registration papers:
    If you are a bachelor or master level degree student, exchange student or visiting student, you are welcome to pick up your registration papers and the Orientation Course folder at the International Office in the Main Building (room A129). The registration papers include the Registration Form, and an invoice for the payment of the Student Union membership fee. The Registration Form should be completed and signed by you.
    If you are a Doctoral degree student, you will have been sent your registration papers with your Letter of Acceptance. If you are participating in the Orientation Course, you are welcome to pick up the Orientation Course folder from the International Office (room A129) in the Main Building.
  2. If you are a degree student, please have your original academic documents validated by presenting them to the university officer at the Admissions Office. Please see below and your Letter of Acceptance for the contact details.
  3. Pay the Student union membership fee* (fee is optional for exchange students, visiting students and doctoral students).
    Please use the invoice included in your registration papers. You cannot pay the fee at the University, but you can pay the fee at any bank from a Finnish bank account or in cash. If you have a bank account in one of the euro-region countries, you can use online banking. Please remember to include the reference number provided with the transfer. Please keep a receipt of the payment.
  4. Register at the Registrar’s Office
    Please present the following documents when you register:
    - Letter of Acceptance
    - a completed Registration Form
    - a receipt of your Student Union membership* payment (116 euros for the full academic year/58 euros for one semester; preparation costs of the student card of approx. 10 euros are charged by the Student Union upon collection. The optional membership fee for doctoral students is 49 euros for the whole academic year and 24,50 euros for one semester)
    - your passport (or if you are from an EU/EEA country, some other applicable identification)
  5. Order the student card
    The student card can be ordered online after you have paid the student union membership fee. You can find the instructions and a link to the order form on the Student Union website.

*Student Union membership is compulsory for all bachelor's and master level degree students at Finnish universities. Membership is optional for doctoral students; the fee is lower because the benefits are fewer. Please see Student Card and Benefits for more information.

Please also see Local Registration for further instructions, including how to obtain a Finnish personal identity code. You must present your personal identity code at the Registrar's Office upon or after registration.

Admissions Office opening times for checking original documents (new degree students only)

Admissions Office, Main Building, lecture room C7 (Kalevantie 4, Tampere)

Admissions Office is open for checking the original educational documents of new degree students during 1-31 August 2018, Monday-Friday 9.00-14.00. For more information please see the Admissions Office contact info.

Remember to Bring with You

  • Your passport
  • Your residence permit card, if applicable
  • Your Letter of Acceptance
  • Degree students only: your original educational documents (as stated in the Letter of Acceptance). You will need to present these to the university officer at the Admissions Office before you can register at the university.
  • Fee-paying degree students only: receipt of the payment of the first installment of the tuition fee
  • Passport-size photograph for the student card
  • Enough cash to manage the first few days or until you open a Finnish bank account, if you intend to do so.

For Study-related Services and Information please see Further Information below

Doctoral Students

  1. Accept the study place and enrol at the university. Check the enrolment deadline in your Letter of Acceptance.
  2. Consider whether or not you would like to join the Student Union of the University of Tampere (TAMY). Doctoral students can take advantage of a variety of benefits with the TAMY student card. The membership fee payment form is provided with your Letter of Acceptance.
  3. Activate your Basic User Account (BUA) in accordance with the instructions provided by the Registrar's Office. The Basic User Account is your key to the electronic student services, which you will need right from the start.
  4. Activate your university e-mail account, and, if needed, redirect your messages to another email.
  5. Take part in the orientation events for new doctoral students.
  6. Read the curriculum guide and teaching schedule of your faculty and doctoral programme, and the teaching schedule of the Doctoral School.
  7. If you have not done so already, prepare a detailed study and supervision plan with your supervisor.

For information on what to do before arriving in Finland, please read the pre-arrival information for Master's degree students. Most will also apply to new doctoral students as well.

Open University Students

  1. If you are only just applying to study at the Open University, please see the instructions on the Admissions pages.
  2. You will be provided with a confirmation of your right to study. The confirmation also indicates the duration of your study right and your student number. Keep your student number at hand or commit it to memory as you will need it often during your studies. The invoice for the tuition fee will be sent after registration. Read about the tuition fee invoicing and the cancellation and payment terms..
  3. Read about the content and schedules of your studies on the Course Selection pages. We will not send a separate invitation to the courses. You should also view the campus area maps  and parking instructions.
  4. Activate your Basic User Account (BUA). You will need the account for many study-related services and at the beginning of your studies, so activate it immediately. The account can be activated at https://salasana/#english.
  5. Sign in to Moodle – the most important website for your studies. In the initial e-mail or at the beginning of your studies, you will receive instructions on how to access the service.
  6. Activate your university e-mail address or redirect your messages. You can obtain your e-mail address through the NettiKatti service after activating your user account. The e-mail is included in the MS Office 365 service, which is free-of-charge to students.
  7. Check your contact information on NettiRekka. NettiRekka displays our student register’s information on you. Please check and, if necessary, correct or supplement your contact information in NettiRekka.
  8. Find out about the library services and obtain a University of Tampere library card. The library will provide the necessary exam books. The library also offers a wide range of electronic services and materials. More information on library services.
  9. Support for studies: Our Study Services will assist you with any practical issues. You can set up a personal study guidance appointment with your study coordinator/officer specified on the course selection page.

Cross-institutional, JOO and UNIPOLI Students

More information on JOO studies and cross-institutional studies (LINK).

The instructions for UNIPOLI students can be found on the UNIPOLI website.

Other Students

Alumni students as well as students participating in continuing studies and academic modules: follow the instructions you have been provided and get started with your studies. If necessary, contact the appropriate persons for advice.

More information on study practices can be found on the instruction pages (LINK).

Electronic Services and
Web Tools for students



Further Information

Student Card and Other Benefits for Students Joining the Student Union Tamy

The Student Union Tamy's student card is a key to numerous student services and discounts. Student union membership fees in the academic year 2018-2019:

    Academic year: 116 euros
    One semester: 58 euros
    Optional membership fee for doctoral students:
    the whole academic year 49 euros, one semester 24,50 euros

All Bachelor and Master level degree students of UTA must be members of the Student Union of the University of Tampere (see also the Study Guide entry Tampereen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, Tamy) and they must pay the annual membership fee before UTA registration. After you have paid the Student Union fee and registered at UTA, you may apply for a student card. The student card will be issued by the National Union of University Students in Finland (Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto, SYL).

For exchange and visiting students the membership is optional. If you choose to be a member, you have to pay the fee by 30 September in the autumn semester or 31 January in the spring semester. The membership is also optional for doctoral students.

You can collect your student card from the Student Union Office about three weeks after registration. A production cost of 10 euros is charged upon ordering the card online. Please read the detailed instructions on how to order and collect your student card on the Student Union website.

Before you have your student card, you may use your Student Certificate as proof of student status. You will receive the Student Certificate from the Registrar’s Office. Please see the information below according to the level of your studies.

For more information on Opiskelijan Tampere association and their student benefits, please see the Opiskelijan Tampere website. Doctoral students have a lower membership fee and fewer benefits.

Benefits for Bachelor and Master Level Students

The Tamy student card entitles Bachelor and Master level students to Student Union services and special student benefits. By showing your student card you are entitled to student health care services in every Finnish Student Health Service or FSHS unit in Finland. In addition, you get significant discounts on trains, long distance bus fares, and in a number of museums, theatres, concerts and shops.

All students are entitled to a meal subsidy at student restaurants regardless whether they are members of Student Union or not.

Please check the Student Union's New Students pages and Members pages for the latest information on your benefits.

Benefits for Doctoral students

For doctoral students, the membership of the Student Union is voluntary and also the benefits are fewer. Membership entitles doctoral students to use the services of the Student Union (for example free legal advice and leisure activities). You are also entitled to discounts offered by the cooperation partners of the Student Union and any local discounts for students. In addition, the lunch prices at Juvenes restaurants at the University are somewhat lower for doctoral students.

Doctoral students are excluded from state benefits, such as discounts on public transport. They are not entitled to the health services provided by the FSHS.

Local Registration

Local Register Office
Street address: Hatanpään valtatie 24
Tel: 029 553 9431
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-16:15

Finnish Personal Identity Code

All new exchange and degree students must have a Finnish personal identity code for the University’s student register and for the national data warehouse for higher education. Non-EU/EEA students should apply for a personal identity code along with the residence permit application. Others can obtain a personal identity code in Finland from the Local Register Office.

Once you have been granted a personal identity code, you should present the document along with your passport/identity card at the University Registrar’s Office, preferably upon your registration at the University.

A Finnish personal identity code is also needed as a means of identification in a variety of situations, for example, at banks and hospitals.

Municipality of Residence

When registering with the Local Register Office, students with at least two years' study right can be granted a Municipality of Residence which entitles them to various municipal services. For more information, please see the website of the Local Register Office.

Notification of a Change of Address

Everyone moving to, from or within Finland is required to submit a notification of change of address (muuttoilmoitus). The form is available at the post office and the Local Register Office. If you have access to Finnish online banking services, you can submit the notification online. Those registered with the Local Register Office must submit a notification of a change of address every time they move to, from or within the country. By law, the notification should be submitted no later than one week after moving. In the post office, you can also find specific postcards you can send free of charge (in Finland) to inform your friends of your new address. Please also remember to update your contact information in Student's Desktop.

Registration of foreign citizens at the Local Register Office (pdf from Orientation week)

Facilities at the University

  • IT Helpdesk

  • Language Centre

    • The Self-Access Centre provides opportunities for self-study in more than 15 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Finnish as a foreign language. Students can improve their language skills at their own pace and in their own time with the help of interactive computer programmes, books, games, audio and video material, and satellite TV. In addition, through the 'Language Link' service, students can find other students to practise a language with. A supervisor is always on hand to give advice on choosing suitable materials.
  • University Library offers numerous services, including short orientations in English at the beginning of both semesters. During the orientation, you will get useful information on the library services and electronic resources. You can sign up for the library orientation during the Orientation Course of the University.

  • Sports Activities The University of Tampere offers a wide range of sports activities. University Sports Office runs a sports centre in the Atalpa Building.

  • Recycling Room is located in the Main Building, E Wing, room 105. Here you can find things that are still in good condition, such as dishes or cleaning equipment.



Practical instructions on study and course completion methods as well as the University of Tampere as a study environment is available in the During Your Studies section of the Study Guide and in the ECTS Survival Guide, pdf.