This site is no longer being updated. Please visit at the Tampere University's new Student's Guide.

University Email

The university provides you with an email address, which is in the format This is your official email address in relation to your studies – use it!

Why should you use the email address provided by the university?

  1. Messages from other addresses can be placed in the spam folder.
  2. When you use the address, the recipient can confirm your identity. In other words, this is a matter of data security, which all members of the university staff are obliged to ensure.
  3. The university sends all messages related to your studies to this address, such as:
    • messages related to courses and academic counselling,
    • electronic exam service results and
    • topical study-related bulletins from the Student’s Desktop. Please note! Open University students do not yet have access to the Student’s Desktop.

Email messages to the university address can be forwarded to another service. Even if you read your messages through another service, please send your message to the university from your address!

The Office 365 email can be used via a browser (Office 365 webmail) or a separate email client for your computer or smartphone. Using a web browser, you can access your email from any device and manage your account settings more extensively than through the separate application.

More detailed instructions on using email can be found on the IT services' temporary site.