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Opportunities for Making a Difference

As a student you can influence the operations of the university community and the development of the university in many ways.

As younger colleagues, students are fully-fledged members of the university community and an essential resource. For this reason, it is key for students to take part in the community’s activities and development.

As a student, you can influence and engage in university operations and their development by

  • giving feedback on the education and your learning,
  • responding to study surveys and other questionnaires,
  • participating in feedback events held by the degree programme or faculty,
  • participating in the activities of the relevant student association and the Student Union,
  • serving in various positions of trust and working groups, and
  • taking part in various development projects.

More information on Tampere3 and its development is available on the university’s Intranet. The most important means for students to influence things and participate in the Tampere3 efforts is engaging in curriculum design, particularly through the curriculum design groups of degree programmes and faculties, and through other similar bodies.