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Assessment and Appeal

This page is for everyone who pursue studies at the University of Tampere.

The assessment of studies is based on the learning outcomes of each course unit, which are described in the curriculum guides and, more specifically, in the teaching schedule or course information. Completed course units are graded on a scale of pass–fail (hyv./hyl.) or a five-tier scale 1–5 (5=excellent; 4=very good; 3=good; 2=satisfactory; 1=sufficient). The thesis included in advanced studies, i.e. master’s thesis (pro gradu), is also graded on a five-tier scale.

Licentiate theses and doctoral dissertations are graded according to a scale specific to the faculty or doctoral programme.

More detailed information can be found in the University of Tampere Regulations on the Assessment of Studies .

On the assessment of study modules

The grade for a study module is the average of the courses included, weighted by the number of credits for each course. In consolidating courses into modules and partial study attainments into courses, the rounding should be done as follows:

5 4,50–5
4 3,50–4,49
3 2,50–3,49
2 1,50–2,49
1 1–1,49


In the event that you are dissatisfied with your grade for a completed course unit, you have the right to seek rectification from the evaluator within 14 days of the moment when the result of the evaluation has been made available.

You can apply for rectification for a Bachelor's thesis from the dean of your faculty in writing. If, following your appeal, you are dissatisfied with the assessment of the aforementioned study attainments or thesis encompassed by intermediate studies, you can seek rectification from the University of Tampere Appeals Committee. More detailed instructions can be found on the Committee’s website.

Rectification for the assessment and grading of a Master's thesis can be applied for in writing from the Faculty Council. These requests for rectification must also be submitted within 14 days of the results of the assessment being made available to you.

If you wish to appeal the assessment of a thesis, you should first contact the head of study affairs at your faculty, who can advise you on the rectification process. If the Faculty Council deems it necessary, a third evaluator will be appointed for the thesis, whose assessment will be decisive.

The rectified assessment of an advanced studies thesis cannot be appealed to the University of Tampere Appeals Committee.

More specific stipulations on the possibility for rectification with regard to study attainments or theses are laid down in the Universities Act (Section 82), University of Tampere Regulations on Degrees (Sections 26–28) and University of Tampere Regulations (Section 16) .