Exchange Students Leaving Finland

Find out what you need to take care of before you leave Tampere University (city centre and Kauppi campuses). Our International Mobility Services team and international mobility coordinators in faculties will be happy to accompany and support you every step of the way to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Learning Agreement

The student's home university will provide the Learning Agreement form for Erasmus+ students. The Learning Agreement needs to be approved and signed by the international mobility coordinator at your host faculty (city centre and Kauppi campuses) upon your arrival in Tampere. If any changes in your courses occur, please fill in the part II of your Learning Agreement and ask the international mobility coordinator at your host faculty to sign it. Your Learning Agreement must include same courses as the official Transcript of Records received from Tampere University.

Erasmus+ students, please read the Learning Agreement guidelines. Tampere University's Learning Agreement template can be downloaded here (pdf). Our new Erasmus+ code is SF TAMPERE17.

Official Academic Transcript of Records

An official transcript of your academic records will not be given or sent to you or your home university automatically. To get the official transcript sent to your home address in your home country after the exchange period, exchange students must place an order using Student's Desktop during summer months (go to page: Academic Transcript) once all required credits/grades have been registered in the Student's Desktop (go to page Academic Transcript to revise). If you are missing credits/grades, please contact the teacher responsible for the course unit or international mobility coordinator of the relevant faculty. Please make sure before ordering that you have received all credits and grades.

Please remember to update your home address and submit your Finnish personal identity code to the Student Affairs Office before ordering the transcript. The last possible day to place the transcript order is 31 July 2019 as your user account will be deactivated in August 2019 and you will not be able to login to Student's Desktop. The transcript ordering service is free of charge. If you have already received all credits and grades, you can also collect your official transcript by visiting the Student Affairs Office before you leave.

Please note that courses for which you have enrolled, but have not passed, will not be shown on the transcript (regardless of whether they were included in the student's Learning Agreement). However, all passed courses will be listed on the transcript; we are unable to exclude any courses for any reason. Tampere University's official grading scale is 1-5, other grades (such as more detailed grades in the 100-point scale in the student's home university) cannot be provided. The courses evaluated only with pass/fail cannot be converted into a number grade.

If your student exchange is based on a bilateral student exchange agreement between Tampere University and your home university, your exchange coordinator will send your official transcript to the exchange coordinator at your home university. Also official transcripts of ISEP students will be sent to the ISEP Global Office in July 2019. However, you can still use our free transcript order service, if needed.

Certificates and Confirmations

Many exchange students have different certificates, confirmations or other similar forms from their home university which must be signed and stamped at Tampere University by the host faculty and/or by the International Office (main building, room A129). If you need a certificate of attendance, please visit the International Office. Remember to take care of all documents at least a few days before leaving since it might take a couple of days to get the signatures/stamps from the people in question. The documents may not be signed earlier than one week before the date of departure. The following dates are written on the certificates:

Start of studies:

  • first day of the Welcome Week (2 January 2019) or the day of your arrival / registration with the university

End of studies:

  • latest day confirmed / end of teaching period

Please note that Tampere University’s official Transcript of Records does not include the dates of your study period at the University!

Finnish Personal Identity Code

Before leaving Tampere University, please check with the Student Affairs Office that your student data contains your Finnish personal identity code. Tampere University is obliged to collect the code for administrative purposes.

How to submit my Finnish personal identity code to Student Affairs Office?

  • The easiest and safest way is to visit the office during opening hours and present your Finnish personal identity code with an official document
  • An official document is the document you have received from the Finnish Population Information System / Local Register Office or your Finnish residence permit card which contains the code
  • You can also copy/scan and mail your official document to the Student Affairs Office
  • It is not recommended to send your scanned documents by email because of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you have any questions regarding submitting your Finnish personal identity code, please contact the Student Affairs Office.

I still do not have a Finnish personal identity code. What should I do?

Please visit the Local Register Office to get your Finnish personal identity code before you leave. You do not need to book an appointment, just visit the office. Please note that it can take up to 4 weeks to get the code to your home address in Tampere / Student Affairs Office. You can also authorise the Local Register Office to send your Finnish personal identity code directly to the Student Affairs Office.

Please remember to bring following documents with you:

  • Your passport or official identification card
  • Your Tampere University Study Certificate (you get it from the Student Affairs Office, if needed)

TOAS Flats

Please, be in touch with TOAS to confirm what you need to do before you leave.

As a general rule, you have to leave your flat in a clean and good condition and pay all rents in time. You must empty the flat of all of your belongings when you move out. The keys must be returned only to TOAS office. Please note, there is also a box for returning the keys, which is located next to the office door, so you can return the keys in the box any time of the day, just remember to use an envelope and write your name and TOAS address on it. If you return the keys late, you will be charged for it according to the rules of tenancy.

It is important to maintain good relations with TOAS since there will be new international students coming to Tampere the following semester who also wish to get rooms from TOAS. Please note that potential cleaning costs will be deducted from your deposit. The deposit will be returned approximately within a month after the agreement has ended.

Separate Key Cards for the Computer Rooms

Those of you who have received a separate key card for computer rooms against a deposit, please remember to return it to IT Helpdesk before you leave.

Change of Address (Post Office)

According to Finnish legislation, you must always submit a notification of move if you move permanently out of Finland or if your temporary stay at another address is longer than three months. The notification can be made at the earliest one month in advance. However you must take care of that the notification has been received by Post Office (Posti) within a week of your move at the latest.

Frequently asked questions and how to do it

  • Do I have to do it? – Yes, according to Finnish legislation you have to inform Post Office that you are moving permanently out of Finland after your student exchange.
  • How about mail forwarding? - After you have informed Post Office with your home address in your home country, your Finnish postal items (letters, publications, bulk letters) will be forwarded abroad for free during the first month. Only letters up to 250 grams are forwarded abroad, other items will be returned to the sender or handled as undeliverable items. If you wish to continue the service, you will have to pay for it. For more information and prices, please see Mail Forwarding.
  • When can I do it? – You can do it already or at the earliest one month in advance.
  • How to do it online? – Not made easy for international students as Finnish online banking credentials are required (most of you do not have ones). If you have Finnish online banking credentials or Posti one time credentials, please see the video.
  • Any way to do it online? Yes, go to Post Office (the nearest one is in Tullintori Shopping Centre) and ask for Posti one time credentials. With these credentials you can login (only once) and complete the form online. You will be asked to present your passport and your Finnish personal identity code document or your Finnish residence permit card (if you have one) at the desk.
  • Any other ways to do it? Yes, a good old-fashioned paper form ("Notification of change of address") can be found in every Post Office and in the International Office. Complete the form and leave it any mailbox with the envelope provided (postage is free, it is paid by Post Office).
  • Can I print the form online and return it later to Post Office? No. The change of address notification form cannot be printed from the website because the forms have unique identifying numbers that are optically read during the storage process. It is not possible to read the numbers from copies.
  • How to fill in the form? Please read our instructions (pdf). You can fill in the Post Office's part only and leave the Local Register Office's part empty.
  • What is the Finnish Population Information System? Please read: The Finnish Population Information System.
  • More information: Notification of change of address

Change of Address (Student's Desktop)

Before you leave Tampere, please remember to update your contact information in Student's Desktop. How to do it? Read here: Updating Personal Data in the Student Register. The last possible date to update your information and place your transcript order is 31 July 2019 as your user account will be deactivated in August 2019. If you are not able to update your information, please contact the Student Affairs Office.


We want to share a green hint with you before you leave Tampere. You can bring in goods, clothes and shoes that are clean, safe and in working order to our Recycling Room. Groceries, hazardous waste, dirty textiles or shoes, broken electronic appliances or university property ARE NOT ACCEPTED. When you bring in items, please do your share and keep the room tidy. By bringing items to the Recycling Room, you will not only make a green move but you will also help new exchange students get started. The recycling room is located in the main building, E wing, room E105 (city centre campus).

Please notice that all the items you give away have to be clean and in good condition!

  • Bedclothes - You can donate secondhand bedclothes to Huoltsu (Daycenter for intoxicated), located in Tampereen
    valtatie 23, close to TOAS office and city centre campus. Huoltsu accepts bedclothes in plastic bags or washed in 60 Celsius degrees. The day center is open Monday to Friday 13:00-17:00, at other times the bedclothes can be left on the porch.
  • Bicycles - You can donate your bike to the bike workshop of employment organization Etappi ry. Their bike workshop is located at Sarvijaakonkatu 28-30 in Tampere. NB! You can donate your bike at all hours by leaving it at the end of the building located at the above mentioned address. You can also try to donate your bike through Facebook flea markets or Facebook groups for exchange students: take a picture of your bike and share the ad on the Facebook group.
  • Books - You can bring books to the Book Recycling shelves found at the University (city centre and Kauppi campuses):  
    • Main Building, close to Y-kampus
    • Arvo, F201 lobby
    • Virta, 1. floor lobby
  • Clothes - You can sell your clothes and other stuff on the Facebook flea market or you can also donate clean clothes to Recycling Centers in Tampere. See addresses below.
  • Dishes and other household items - Remember to return your Starting Kit to the ESN FINT's / Studen Union's office before you leave the country! Please mind the holidays and check until when the Starting Kit service hours run every term. TREY’s opening times and Starting Kits service hours are updated on the website TREY also accepts donations for Starting Kits! Other dishes and household items can be brought to the University Recycling Room at the Main Building E-wing, room 105 (1. Floor). Please notice that all items need to be clean and in good condition!

Recycling Centre Nekala, Vihiojantie 28

Salvation Army's Second-Hand Stores, Itsenäisyydenkatu 25-27

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