In the Tampere University, the students and staff members can use a centralized printing service. This service is implemented by Ricoh Oy, but it is managed by the University. All support requests and error notifications must be sent to the IT Helpdesk!

Identical service is in use in all campuses of the Tampere University. You can use any of the multi-function printers on the campuses to print out your file. Secure printing function (FollowMe feature) ensures that only you can print out your materials. 

Print with a printing card or without it!

Printing right is included in your tuni user account. You can link the printing right to the staff and student ID cards.

Please note! If needed, you can also always print by entering your tuni user account e.g ab12345. When prompted, enter the password of your tuni user account.

Register your card:
  • If the screen of the printer is black, touch the screen to wake it up. Please be patient, it may take a moment for the printer to wake up.
  • Place your card over the card reader. The card reader will not recognise an unregistered card!
  • In the User ID field, enter your tuni user account, e.g. ab12345. Click the Next button to proceed to the password field. Enter the password of your tuni user account.
  • Log out by touching the button or place your card above the card reader.
  • From now on, you can print by presenting your card to the card reader.

Please note! The work should be printed within 72 hours, after which it will be deleted from your print queue.

Please note! If the registration fails for some reason, try again.

If needed, contact IT Helpdesk, tel. 0294 520 500!

Location and features of printers

>> Printers for students (In Finnish)

>> All the printers (In Finnish)

Mobile printing (remote printing), independent of the device!

You can also send files from your own computer or mobile device to the printer queue of the University. Send the file by email or download it at (sign in with your tuni user account). You can print out your file on any printer of the University.

Mobile printing – quick guide

  1. To send an attachment to be printed, use your personal email address of the University.
  2. Send the attachment to
  3. No subject line or text in the text field is needed.
  4. Pick up your print job at any multi-function printer at the campuses. Please note! The work should be printed within 72 hours, after which it will be deleted from your print queue.
  5. If you have not yet registered your card, you can use your tuni user account to print. When prompted, enter the password of your tuni user account.

Supported file types

  • Microsoft Office: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and pptx
  • OpenOffice: odt, ods and odp
  • Others: pdf, html, htm, gif, png, jpg, rtf and txt


  • All file types are not supported.
  • You cannot change the print settings.
  • Only personal printing accounts can be used.

Students' printing quota

Students get a free printing quota of 400 black and white pages per academic year, 200 in the autumn and 200 in the spring semester (100 two-sided). 

Additional printing quota can be bought at the service provider's (Ricoh Oy) on-campus service points and at their online shop. You can only use cash at the on-campus service points.

One black and white one-sided page costs EUR 0.02938, or 2.938 cents, and two-sided 2.938 x 2.
One colored, one-sided page costs 0.04450 EUR or 4.450 cents, and two-sided 4.450 x 2.

User support and service points

The IT Helpdesk, provides help in all matters related to the multi-function printers.

Address all support requests and error notifications to IT Helpdesk, 0294 520 500,

The service provider, Ricoh Oy, has a service point at the Central Campus of the Tampere University, room A025 in Main Building. The customer service staff maintains the printing environment and is responsible for all its operations. If needed, they will also help you with the use of the multi-function printers. A service point is also located in the TAMK premises on Kauppi campus. On-duty repair services are also present in all main campuses of the Tampere University.

Centralised service

The printing service in use in the University of Tampere will be introduced in all institutes of higher education of the Tampere3 cooperative (UTA, TUT, TAMK). The central objective is that all the Tampere3 institutes of higher education have a modern, centralised printing service concept that meets all the new needs.

The service includes

  • printing service, administration, maintenance, invoicing
  • reporting, services, all printing devices
  • equipment, replacement parts, papers
  • guidance, training
  • service points and on-duty services on campus
  • online shop for purchasing additional printing quota (


Registering a card