Why UTA?

Are you considering studying at the University of Tampere? Great! Here's why we would be a good choice for you.

UTA offers an inspiring environment to develop your skills


Our academic approach puts you in the centre of your own learning process.
Rather than requiring you to absorb information, we value you as a contributorStudent Barometer Partner to our academic community and expect you to actively participate in classes. We want you yourself to discover the central point in the issues you are studying, to bring your own perspective into discussions, to question what you learn, and to build a convincing argument. As a graduate of UTA, you will be equipped with skills valued by employers, not only in your specific field, but also in gathering and distilling information, and presenting it to various audiences.

At UTA you are given a lot of freedom to plan and carry out your studies. You can, for example, include courses from other degree programmes in your own degree, which allows you to adapt your studies to your needs and expand your knowledge. With this freedom comes responsibility for your studies. We expect you to undertake your studies in a good academic manner, and ensure you graduate on time. You will, of course, be given help in planning, and are always welcome to ask our staff for help if you’re not sure what to do. You are at the centre of your studies, but we’re here to help you on the way.

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UTA teaching is based on the latest research

The latest research, on which our teaching is based on, is carried out by many of our lecturers and professors themselves. We encourage our teaching staff to be the best teachers that they can be, and reward them for doing so. For example, we present the Ällästikku award for excellence in teaching and learning annually, and offer pedagogical training focused on university teaching to our teaching and research staff.

The wide-ranging and multidisciplinary profile of the University is given special emphasis in the university's strategy. UTA has developed innovative research perspectives towards the various aspects of society, health and welfare.

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UTA offers you friendly student-teacher relationships

We're not so big on titles or hierarchies in Finland. In fact, it is most likely that you will be on a first-name basis with your professor, and might be having an informal discussion with a Vice-Rector in one of the university's many events. Our teachers, researchers and professors are approachable and eager to share their knowledge, and help you find your strengths.

The study groups in our international programmes are usually small, which allows our professors and other staff to get to know you personally. Our current and previous international students, such as Nirmal, are very satisfied with how approachable our staff are.

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UTA is international

Studying at the UTA gives you a truly international and multicultural experience. Approximately 8 % of UTA students, and over 6 % of UTA staff have international backgrounds.  The student population of 15 000 includes 750 international degree students and 450 incoming exchange students.

We have students from over 80 nationalities, with different backgrounds and experiences. By coming to the UTA you will therefore not only get to know Finland and Finns, but several other countries and nationalities as well!


UTA is among the top universities in the world

World university rankings recognise 1-3 % of the approximately 20 000 universities in the world. The most popular rankings include 200-500 universities, usually chosen by their number of publications and/or references. The University of Tampere is among these elite institutions.

The Finnish education system as a whole is highly esteemed around the world. In 2017, Finland was ranked 9th in the Universitas21 ranking for national systems of higher education, which evaluates national systems rather than individual universities. Finland has consistently been within 4th-9th places since the ranking was first published in 2012. In the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings Finland was placed at 19 in 2016.

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UTA is situated in Tampere - the best place to live in Finland

Tampere has been voted as the most popular place to live in Finland several times. It is a very student-oriented city, with approximately 40 000 of its 220 000 inhabitants being students. The city offers a wide variety of sports facilities, cultural experiences and excellent services in safe surroundings. Beautiful nature, efficient public transportation and other services, and versatile student discounts ensure that your life in Tampere is both comfortable and affordable.

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