Student experiences

We constantly receive excellent ratings from our current and former students. Below some students share their experiences at UTA.

Student experiences elsewhere:

“During my Master's studies in Bioinformatics, I gained not onlyEbrahim Afyounian
up-to-date theoretical knowledge but also had the chance to use that knowledge in practice in practical sessions and in small projects. I appreciate that ‘learning by doing’ is emphasised in Finland. I think that the programme gave me enough knowledge, experience, and confidence that I decided to stay in Finland and start building my career in this field” Read more

- Ebrahim,
Master's degree programme in Biomedical Technology

"The teachers in the programme were also quite nice. They wereHeba Sigurdardottir
professionals but at the same time approachable, supportive and willing to work with us individually.
" Read more

- Heba from Iceland,
Master's degree programme in Global and Transnational Sociology



“My courses here have been largely project-oriented. I feel that Chelsea Kelling
having this practical application of the theories and models has allowed me to gain skills that I would not have normally acquired in a more traditional classroom atmosphere. Therefore, I am graduating with a lot of project experience that companies will give a lot of importance to in the hiring process.”
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- Chelsea from the USA,
Master's degree programme in Human-Technology Interaction


"Personally, I feel I’ve been treated exceptionally well and theKatrin Winkler
Finnish people are incredibly helpful and friendly. The city offers a lot in terms of culture and sports but is not too big, which makes it easy to get to know people.” Read more

- Katrin from Austria,
Master's degree programme in Global and Transnational Sociology






Lumi Wang

"After the first year which includes a lot of mandatory courses, I could choose the courses I wanted to take more freely." Read more

- Lumi from China,
Master's degree programme in Comparative Studies of Social Policy and Welfare (COSOPO)



Silvie Kroeker

 "I liked that my study programme was relatively small, but situated at a large enough university so that there were lots of facilities and resources for the students. The teachers in my program were also really nice and approachable if anyone wanted to discuss a topic in class or get advice.” Read more

- Silvie from Canada,
Master's degree programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research





Hannah Hung

“The University encourages personal development because there is almost no limit to what courses you can take. It is open-minded because the courses include different study options and the teachers are willing to communicate. It is very personalised because although you have a major, you are not restricted in what direction you want to go. In one word, I would say you get a lot of freedom while studying at UTA.” Read more

- Hannah from Taiwan,
Master's degree programme in Teacher Education


Lauren Stevens“Here, everything is quite practical, which is more important and useful to me than learning some abstract things. We have the opportunity to participate in events in both Finland and abroad, and quite often we have guest speakers.” Read more

- Lauren from the UK,
Master's degree programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research



Tham"Studies in Tampere have been very flexible compared to the set module in Vietnam. Students are able to choose courses according to their own liking and concentrate on the things they find interesting." Read more

- Tram from Vietnam,
Master’s degree programme in Global and Transnational Sociology




Joseph“The quality of life in here is so much better than in lots of countries. Tampere is a lovely town. I am slightly older than average students, and Tampere has got everything I need.”
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- Joseph from the UK,
Master's degree programme in Internet and Game Studies



Bolarinwa“The student-teacher relationship in Finland is very free. You can talk to them and you are not scared of them. They are ready to listen, if you want to talk. They know your strengths and weaknesses and encourage you to concentrate on your strengths and develop your weaknesses.“
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- Bolarinwa from Nigeria
Master's degree programme in Computational Big Data Analysis


Kalle“In the future, leadership cannot be into separate sections. Instead, you need to understand many things: politics, administration, law, economics, entrepreneurship, how everything links together. This new programme is a great combination of these things!”
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- Kalle from Finland
Master's degree programme in Leadership for Change




Christopher and Paula"We’ve seen firsthand how committed the faculty are, and we believe the programme for 2017* is going to be truly innovative and will rise to the challenges presented by globalization and an ever-changing world."

- Christopher from Kenya and Paula from Ireland
Master's degree programme in Public and Global Health
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* The programme has been updated for the 2017 intake