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Open university courses

The Open University is for everyone – regardless of age and previous studies.

The course offering of the Open University consists of separate courses as well as course entities of the degrees of the University of Tampere. The teaching follows the curricula of the University of Tampere.

The study fee is 15 euros per 1 ECTS. Teaching is organized in Tampere, Seinäjoki and Pori. In addition, distance learning is possible on many courses.

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Open University website

StudentsAlumni studies

After you have completed a Master's Degree at the University of Tampere, you are entitled to apply for alumni studies.

Alumni studies are free of charge until the end of the academic year following your graduation. After that, the study fee is 15 euros per 1 ECTS.

In addition to subjects of your own school, you can apply for studies organized by other schools too, provided that you have completed a minimum of 15–25 credits in the subject you apply for. The requirements vary according to the school, so please contact the school in question for further information.

The application form (only available in Finnish at the moment)

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JOO studies

If you are a registered degree student at a Finnish university, you are entitled to apply for minor subject studies at any other Finnish university without paying any fees. This is called the JOO agreement.

The studies should be of a nature which you would not be able to undertake in your home university and which can be included in your degree.

The University of Tampere may grant you the status of a visiting JOO student only if your home university supports the application. Before applying, then, you must obtain a statement of approval by the home university.  

For more information, please see:
JOOPAS website

Most courses offered in Tampere Summer School are also available through JOO Studies programme. JOO students participating in the Summer School must obtain a statement of approval by their home university and apply normally using the Summer School application form. If you are planning to take part in the Summer School as a JOO student, please contact for more information.

Recognition of qualifications

It may be necessary to complement the degree you have earned abroad if you seek employment in Finland in a public post or a job for which specific qualification requirements are defined by the Finnish legislation.

The Finnish National Board of Education makes the decisions on recognising qualifications earned abroad and on any possible updating education that you may still need. After you have received the Board’s decision on recognising your qualifications, you may apply to the University of Tampere to undertake the required supplementing studies.

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Transnational education servicesTransnational education services

The University of Tampere provides commissioned, international training programmes and expert services to international organizations such as states and governments, international communities and networks. Programmes and courses can be tailored to suit professional development needs and they can take place both on campus, online or in the workplace.

Transnational education services are offered through Finland University, a joint effort of three Finnish higher education institutes.

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FinUni website