Communication, Media and Theatre

Connecting society and comprehending communication from the perspective of significance: as images, words and stories.

Communication, Media and Theatre in the Faculty of Communication Sciences offers education and research in journalism, communications and theatre. With its five disciplines - Journalism and Mass Communication, Speech Communication, Theatre and Drama Research, Music Studies, and Theatre Work - this field combines the traditions of the social sciences, the arts and the humanities.

University of Tampere’s Journalism School is the oldest in Nordic countries and is Finland’s leading educator of journalists and one of the two academic educators of actors in the country. Research focuses on journalism research, public sphere and political communication, media culture, television and performance studies, media policy, professional communication.


Application Options

To study journalism, communication, theatre or media as an exchange student, you can apply for:

Degree Programme in Journalism and Communication

The subjects taught on the Degree Programme in Journalism and Communication deal with journalism, public appearance and the research of these.  The degree programme offers the scientific and practical skills to work as a journalist, photojournalist and media expert.  Students can also engage in subjects such as speech communication, media culture, media education and the research of theatre and drama, at both Bachelor's and Master's levels.  The studies prepare students for work in expert and educational tasks in the subjects concerned.  Studies in speech communication also open up opportunities to enter the field of personnel development.

Degree Programme in Theatre Arts

The very name of the degree programme stresses the perception of theatre art as a part of artistic co-operation. Actor's training strives to create the preconditions to grow into an independent co-operative artist and to impart the skills for actor's work in the theatre, in film and other media and to steer the student towards further professional development. Exchange studies in Theatre Arts has to be agreed in beforehand with the Faculty.


The teaching language in the degree programmes: Finnish. However, every year there are several selected courses offered in English. Communication, Media and Theatre offers two international Master’s Degree programmes: Master’s Degree Programme in Cultural Studies and Master’s Degree programme in Media Education. These programmes offer selected courses which are available for exchange students.

The courses taught in English: compiled every year in the teaching schedule under the title “Courses offered in English at the Faculty of Communication Sciences

Independent study: It is also possible to complete some study units in English, not available as contact teaching, by writing an essay or by taking a set book exam.

Contact information

Ms Anna Vähämäki
International Coordinator
email: anna.vahamaki (at)