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This page contains important information regarding the Mobility-Online system.


Log into Mobility-Online  using your TUNI-account. Your student work-flow always shows the necessary steps to be completed next:
(For students who are going for exchange during the academic year 2019-2020 these steps will be visible at the latest in June.) Please note that the workflow might differ according to your exchange program.


Please follow the links on the right-hand side to complete the steps.

Mobility-Online 2

Always click on ”Forward to update” to update your information. Clicking on ”Update” saves the information. By clicking "Cancel" you can return back to your student workflow.

Before leaving for exchange

  • Please first fill in the information regarding your host university (does not apply to Erasmus students). In this step, students going on an exchange through a programme other than Erasmus (ISEP, BCI, Nordlys, Nordplus or north2north) will register their final host university in the system for the first time. Those going for an exchange through a bilateral agreement only need to confirm the host university they have already been selected for.
  • If you have been selected for an Erasmus exchange, please choose your mother language and the teaching language in the host university. You will receive an link to OLS language test via email approximately one month before the start of your exchange study period.​
  • The next step is to fill in the grant questionnaire, which is required for making the grant agreement and paying your exchange grant. For Erasmus students the grant is calculated according to the dates of the exchange study period. Plese fill in the questionnaire only after you know the exact dates of you exchange study period.
  • After filling the grant questionnaire you can upload the draft study plan/ for Erasmus students learning agreement from Mobility-Online. Please fill it in carefully and upload it back to the system later on. Please note that you cannot upload the completed study plan/ learning agreement before your grant has been processed. Please also note that you need to complete at least 15 credits per semester during your exchange.
  • You will receive an email as soon as your grant has been calculated and your grant agreement is ready. Please print the agreement and read through it carefully. The agreement needs to be signed and uploaded back to Mobility-Online. After uploading the signed document, the first installment of your travel grant can be paid.
  • Please also remember to upload the completed study plan/ learning agreement to Mobility-Online before your exchange.

After the exchange

  • Log into Mobility-Online with your TUNI-account. Your work-flow shows new steps to indicate what you need to do after the exchange. Please confirm the final dates of your exchange and fill in the travel report questionnaire. Read more about the travel report on the page After the exchange period.
  • Those students who completed an exchange through Erasmus also need to upload the necessary documents into Mobility-Online (Letter of Confirmation and Learning Agreement part II, if needed). Read more about the Erasmus documents on the page After the exchange period.