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Going Abroad Independently

Did you not find what you were looking for? This page lists other options for studying or completing a work placement abroad.

Various organisations offer internship and grant programmes for which you can apply independently. Remember to check the application periods and possible tuition fees carefully.

Begin your preparations at least one year before the desired period abroad. For more information, please contact the organisation in question directly.

Obtaining a Study or a Work Placement Independently

Information on studies and work placements in international organisations can be found e.g. on the Maailmalle website maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education (OPH) (Finnish and Swedish).

Grant Programmes

Internship Programmes

  • OPH’s internship programmes: country programmes, IAESTE for the field of technology, Finnish organisations abroad
  • NORDJOBB: Nordic internship programme to improve labour mobility and increase knowledge and awareness of Nordic languages and cultures in the North.

Internship Programmes of Student Organisations

  • AIESEC: independent international student organisation operating in more than 100 countries
  • FiMSIC: Finnish Medical Students’ International Committee takes care of the international relations of medical students
  • ELSA: The European Law Students’ Association is the world’s largest international organisation for students of law and young lawyers

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You can apply for a travel grant from the University of Tampere for an independently arranged work placement period lasting longer than three months. The university does not provide grants for independently arranged study placements. More information: Head of Financial Aid Office Eini Mäkelä.

Student financial aid can be granted for higher education studies abroad (more information from Kela). Supplementary funding can be obtained from a variety of foundations and associations – for example, see the SYL grant database.