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Internship Abroad

Depending on the practices of your faculty, you may be able to complete the work placement included in the study programme abroad or have the work placement in a foreign country approved as part of the internationalisation module. Your degree programme is in charge of approving the work placement location and recognising the period spent abroad as part of your studies. More information is available from your work placement contact person!

Applying for a work placement abroad

Applying for an international work placement often requires an active approach in learning about the conventions and practices of the destination country. In other words, start preparing well in advance!

  • For example, you can find out about contacts within your own degree programme or faculty, and about experiences from previous years.
  • Participate in events organised by various parties, where people who have interned abroad talk about their experiences. These events provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions and gain information.
  • Bear in mind that job application cultures differ between countries. It is a good idea to learn about the application practices of the desired country beforehand in the context of applying for a job or a work placement abroad. Foreign students currently studying in Finland and your own prior contacts in the target country may yield valuable information on the operating models.

Information sources on and paths to a work placement abroad

  • The travel report database contains experiences of students who have left for work placements abroad from the University of Tampere in previous years. You can search the accounts based on country or exchange programme, for example (e.g. independent arrangement/work placement, Erasmus work placement, CIMO work placement).
  • Through the Erasmus work placement programme you can gain access to European countries. With some exceptions, the Erasmus work placement can be completed in a company or public organisation.
  • The university’s travel grant for independently obtained work placements can be applied for by bachelor’s and master’s degree students going abroad for a work placement period of at least three months. Check your eligibility to receive the travel grant well in advance.
  • The work placement grant provided by the faculty can be used for a work placement abroad if the employer is Finnish. Always check the suitability of the work placement with the work placement contact person of your faculty or degree programme before contacting the employer. The work placement contact person can also provide you with more information on your faculty’s grant application schedule. The grant provided by the faculty can be used for work placements at the Finnish embassies of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs abroad, for example.
  • More information on seeking employment on an international level can be found on the website of the Aarresaari network of career and employment services, among other locations.
  • When going abroad for a work placement, you should find out the details of your insurance coverage, for example – also read the Instructions for students leaving for foreign exchange page!
  • The website of the Finnish National Agency for Education's internationalisation services contains a wealth of information on the agency’s own work placement programmes and other opportunities for travelling abroad.
  • You can also look for a work placement independently through job seeking channels and your own networks. Tips for looking for employment in Europe are provided through the EURES service, which is available online and at your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE office).