Permission to conduct research

Permission to conduct research

If you are writing your thesis or conducting research or development work related to an organisation, its activities, staff or students, it is a good practice and sometimes a must to apply for a research permission at the organisation, depending on the research topic.

The practices vary in different cities and municipalities. Each organisation decides for themselves how research permits are handled. The request may be made in free form or with a form specific to the purpose.

If you are writing your thesis or conducting a study or a development project related to the University of Tampere, you will need to apply for a permission to conduct research. A research plan approved by the supervisor of the thesis or the director of the research group/project must be enclosed with the form.

The research plan attached to the permission application should describe the following: How the research material is collected, who collects the material, how the material is used, where and how the material is stored during and after the research, and how the material will be destroyed, etc.

The permission to conduct research is different than the ethical review of research.

The permission to conduct research is related to investigating a particular topic mainly in an organisation. The ethical review is related to estimating the ethical acceptability of a scientific study. A statement on the ethical acceptability of research in human sciences is provided either by the Regional Ethics Committee of Tampere University Hospital or the regional Ethics Committee of the Tampere University Hospital catchment area.

In addition to the research permission, the nature of the research setting may also require a permission from the Regional Ethics Committee of Tampere University Hospital.

For more information and instructions, please see the Permission to conduct research page on UTA intranet.