Saudi Arabian teachers thanked the University of Tampere with a celebration

Submitted on Mon, 09/11/2017 - 12:09
Saudien juhla/ Kuva: Milla KInnunen
The celebration party turned Edu’s Café into a stage for highlighting the Saudi Arabian culture. Invited guests and participants of the training programme are pictured in the photograph. Photographs: Milla Kinnunen

The Saudi Arabian teachers, who came to Finland in June, gave a celebration party to thank the organisers of their educational programme and to talk about the Saudi Arabian culture.

Their training is organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia, Finland University, HY+ University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education, and Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. In June, twenty Saudi Arabian teachers started their education at UTA. They will continue to study to strengthen their pedagogical and language skills for another three months. In all, the training programme brought 117 teachers to Finland.

The party featured presentations about the Saudi Arabian culture and speeches as well as small interactive tasks organised for the guests. One of the teachers at the celebration, Amna Al-Merabi, is excited about the next half of her training.

“For the first three months we were taught English. Next, we will have a three-month practical training period during which we immerse ourselves and observe teaching at the universities' teacher training schools. This will enable us to learn about different practices and benefit from them in our home country”, Al-Merabi says.

Al-Merabi is very satisfied with the education provided by the University of Tampere.

“The teaching has been very good and I have learned a lot. We have also enjoyed many extracurricular activities and I am eagerly awaiting the Finnish winter. This has been a very special experience!” Al-Merabi rejoices.

Text: Anna Ojalahti

Saudilapset laulaa/ Kuva: Milla Kinnunen
The families of the Saudi Arabian teachers participated in the celebrations. Children sing the national anthem.


Antti Hilden tanssii/ Kuva: Milla Kinnunen
Antti Hildén (left), Director of the Language Centre at the University of Tampere, participated in a Saudi Arabian dance.