Job boards of UTA and TUT to be merged

Submitted on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 15:18

The job boards where employers can advertise their vacancies and internships to students, namely Workit.netti at the University of Tampere and POPJob at Tampere University of Technology, will be merged on 19 November. The new combined job board will serve as a one-stop-shop for all information on job opportunities, internships, MSc thesis placements and proposed topics for MSc theses.   

Students will be able to access the new job board through the existing websites of the two universities: UTA’s Study Guide website and TUT’s POP portal. After December 2018, a link to the new job board will also be added to the website.

The merger of Workit.netti and POPJob will increase the number and diversity of the job postings published on the new job board. Users are recommended to make full use of the search functions to find job opportunities that fit their specific needs. The new job board will offer search and filter options that sort jobs, for example, by the relevant field of study and the location of the job.

Users will also have the option to set up email alerts, so that they receive automatic email notifications whenever new jobs that match their search criteria are posted on the job board. Students who have set up email alerts in Workit.netti or POPJob will continue to receive email notifications as usual even after the merger.

The summer hiring season begins soon  

Employers post summer jobs and internships to the nationwide system. Their postings are forwarded to the job boards of universities that the employers have selected. The number of summer jobs and internship opportunities advertised through the job board will soon begin to increase as the year 2019 approaches.

The existing job boards of the two universities are extremely popular. In 2018, more than 6,500 job openings, 1,300 internships, and 95 thesis placements and topics have been advertised through Workit.netti and POPJob. The job boards have recorded more than 170,000 visits this year.   

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