Rights Talk on the Global Stage: What is gained and what is lost?

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Pinni B building auditorium 1096   


SOC Philosophy and Global Health

Professor Daniel Weinstock promises to argue contra Onora O`Neill and contra Jonathan Wolff.
He will discuss conditions under which it is both philosophically appropriate, and perhaps politically most effective to frame issues of justice in terms of rights. These conditions are met by some of the most pressing issues facing theorists and practitioners of global justice. He will take examples also on global health.  
Opening words: Juha Teperi, Dean
In the panel after the presentation will be
•    Lindsay Stirton, Professor, Sussex Law School, UK
•    Jurgen De Wispelaere, Political Economy Research Fellow, Independent Social Research Foundation/University of Bath, UK
•    Arto Laitinen, Professor, UTA
•    Anneli Milén, Professor, UTA  

Daniel Weinstock
•    Teaches at McGill University in Canada
•    Professor of Philosophy of Law
•    Director of the Institute for Health and Social Policy
•    Has written close to 150 essays on topics ranging from:
•    political philosophy of multi-ethnic and multinational states, to
•    ethical issues surrounding family policy, to
•    issues of distributive justice surrounding health care and the social determinants of health.

He is a regular contributor to public policy debates in Canada, and has been most recently awarded the Charles Taylor Prize in public policy for his contribution to bringing academic debates to bear on policy-making.
Coffee and tea will be served.



Professor Arto Laitinen, tel. 050 318 7018
Professor Anneli Milén, tel. 050 318 7770