Right to Education - Workshop on April 27 at 14-17

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Kauppi reception centre, 6th floor, Parantolankatu 6, Tampere


Organized by Let´s Work Together action group, University of Tampere

Finland is committed to follow the Maastricht Declaration of 2002 of the European Council about global education: "education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the globalised world and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and Human Rights for all". In the UN Human Rights Declaration, education is one of the basic rights of every human being. The right to education is fundamental for realizing most of the other human rights as well, such as work, social participation and personal fulfilment. How are global education and rights to education achieved in practice, in Finland and in Pirkanmaa? Who are taken into account and included as human beings – as “everyone” – and who are excluded? Who hold the power to decide?

The workshop invites

Researchers who have studied the challenge of inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees in education, staffs and students in educational institutions, policy-makers, administrators and practitioners, dealing with education and inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees, asylum seekers and refugees, for sharing experiences – also good examples – and suggestions for alternatives in inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees in education.

If you are interested in discussing your study at the seminar, please fill in the form attached to the email and describe your study briefly.

Registrations to this seminar should be done by 20 .4. 2018 You will be notified about participation by 23.4.2018.

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Any questions concerning the seminar please contact:
Prof. Anja Heikkinen anja.heikkinen@uta.fi
Golaleh Makrooni makrooni.golaleh.x@student.uta.fi