Power & Governance: Forms, Dynamics, Consequences


University of Tampere, Finland


Faculty of Social Sciences

In the sixth biennial Power Conference we will gather at the University of Tampere to probe whether something general can be said about the forms, dynamics and consequences of power.

The keynoters who also act as discussants in the special sessions are:

  • Amy Allen, Pennsylvania State University
  • Robin Celikates, University of Amsterdam
  • Gili Drori, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Risto Kunelius, University of Tampere
  • Vivien A. Schmidt, Boston University
  • Peeter Selg, Tallinn University
  • Sylvia Walby, Lancaster University

More detailed information is available on the website of the conference.



    For more information, please contact:
    the organizing committee at power.conference@uta.fi