Posthuman and environmental politics

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Pinni-building, rooms A3107 and B4115, address: Kanslerinrinne 1


Faculty of Management

10 am to 12 noon ROOM Pinni A3107

Stephen Hobden on Complexity and International Relations

Erika Cudworth on Creaturely Politics

1 pm to 3 pm ROOM Pinni B4115

Erika Cudworth and Stephen Hobden on The Emancipatory Project of Posthumanism

All are welcome!


Prof. Erika Cudworth's research expertise lies in the areas of environment/society relations, global environmental politics, human/animal relations and gender, where she is particularly interested in questions of intersectionality and the persistence of complex inequalities considered at various levels from grounded empirical studies, to global patterns and international relations theory. Her empirical research has sought to examine the different and similar patterns which may be found in examining both cultural forms and material practices/institutions.

Prof. Stephen Hobden's research is in the area of international relations theory, and it has focused on the possible relationships between historical sociology and international relations. In particular his research has investigated how both disciplines employed the notion of system, and whether there was the possibility for a fruitful dialogue between the two. More directly, his purpose has been to encourage a re-engagement with history by theorists. More recently, his focus has been on complexity thinking and posthuman international relations.



University Lecturer Hannes Peltonen
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