People’s Health Movement workshop

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Arvo building lecture hall A210-211, address: Arvo Ylpön katu 34



Global Health and Development (GHD) welcomes you to People’s Health Movement (PHM) workshop by Dr. Anuj Kapilashrami.

PHM is a global network bringing together health activists, civil society organizations and academic institutions around the world, particularly from the low and middle income countries. Since its inception in 2000, PHM has played an increasingly significant role in global health: increasing the capacity of community activists to participate in global health, monitoring global health policies and governance, and providing a platform for engagement, advocacy and action around health for all. PHM publishes the Global Health Watch – the alternative World Health Report.

SOC and GHD guest professor Dr. Kapilashrami is an active member of the steering group of the UK People’s Health Movement and convener for the Scotland group.

This workshop is for all the students and staff interested in global and public health issues including those interested in starting People’s Health Movement in Finland.  

People’s Health Movement (PHM)

Global Health Watch


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