Open Europe? Open Education?

Alkaa kello

Sampola restaurant, address: Sammonkatu 2


Let's Work Together action group, Freedom and Responsibility in Popular Adult Education programme,  UTA Centre for International Education

Conversations about openness of education. The event is open for everyone. Welcome!

It is not only Trump that is building walls against Mexico. Europe has at least as much fences and border controls to keep unwanted migrants out. Unfortunately, also in Finland, there are walls - physical, psychical, social and political - also in education, excluding too many. Welcome to discuss, how asylum seekers and refugees have experienced the national and educational closures, how educational institutions have reacted, and how we can together develop pathways for more open future.

Preliminary programme includes:

  • Experiences and expectations by refugees/asylum seekers
  • Lessons learnt in Supporting immigrants in higher education-project
  • Experiences from a Syrian visiting student from Technical University of Berlin
  • Reactions in (adult) education institutions
  • Expert comment based on current visits to Middle East
  • Comments from regional policy-makers

Discussion will take place in English, with interpretations into Finnish and Arabic if needed.

For more information and programme of the event see the event's page

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Professor Anja Heikkinen,