Global Health Partnerships & Philanthropy: Governance & Accountability

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Arvo building lecture hall F211AB, address: Arvo Ylpön katu 34


SOC/Global health and development

Global Health and Development (GHD) welcomes you to a series of guest lectures on global health governance from 18 to 26 of October by Professor Anuj Kapilashrami, the Associate Director of Global Development Academy at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Kapilashrami (PhD, Msc Sexual Reproductive Health Research, MA Sociology) works at the intersections of health politics and development praxis, with particular interest in their interface with equity, human rights and development. She has an interdisciplinary background in sociology and public health with a specialisation in global policy and systems research, focusing on governance; aid and commercialization; social movements in health; and gender inequalities. She will give three topical lectures concentrating on current themes within global health and governance.

The lectures are open to all and will be held in English.




Dr. Annariina Koivu, tel. 050 50 99 160
PhD, Research Specialist
Global Health and Development