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Linna building lecture hall K103


UTA New Social Research Programme

The evidence-policy connection is under increasing pressure yet a key goal of research is to generate outputs that can have a positive impact on policy and practice. How to best achieve this, and through what methods, remains a complex question. These issues will be explored in a lecture series, ‘Evidence to Policy’, hosted by the New social research programme at the University of Tampere.

Key speakers from the UK, Norway and Finland will approach the evidence to policy gap from various academic and policy perspectives. The series examines a range of challenges for knowledge translation including adopting appropriate research methodologies, maintaining the independence of academic research, engaging with multiple stakeholders, and finding the best ways to impart knowledge to policymakers.

The series will include both lectures and participatory workshops, and will conclude with a panel discussion drawing together international experts, policy advisors and policy makers with recent experience of using evidence to support decision making and the development of best practice guidelines.

The seminar series will run from the 8th of October to 2 November.

2nd November: 10am-12pm Main building lecture hall C8
Panel discussion: Generating, translating and using evidence for policy and practise
Participants: Alex Coulter, Director, Arts & Health South West and Secretariat to UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health and Wellbeing.
Nancy Hey, Director, UK What Works Centre for Wellbeing.
Kaisa Lähteenmäki-Smith, Leading specialist, public sector leadership development, Sitra.
Professor Kai Lehikoinen, University of the Arts Helsinki, Vice Director, ArtsEqual.
Antti Pelkonen, Prime minister’s office, Government of Finland


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